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Dr O’Connor sees patients for consultation at the Lee Clinic on Monday, Tuesday, Friday. He does surgical procedures at the Bon Secours Hospital on Wednesday and Thursday.

Dr Gibson sees patients for consultation at the Lee Clinic on Wednesday and Thursday. She attends the Bon Secours Hospital on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Her surgical procedure day is Tuesday.

What to expect at your first appointment

You will be greeted by the secretary who will ask you to fill out a brief written questionnaire. You can print a copy of this questionnaire from this website in advance if you wish. Insurance details are not required for the consultation. Insurance details will be required if a surgical procedure is planned.

You are invited to relax in the waiting room until Dr O’Connor or Dr Gibson meet with you. You are welcome to bring an accompanying person. We request that all children under 18 years are accompanied by an adult.

Dr O’Connor or Dr Gibson will review your GP’s referral letter with you and address your concerns. Although you may have one or more specific concerns it is the doctors’ practice to offer all new patients a full skin check to rule out any suspicious skin lesions a patient may not be aware of. You may decline if you wish. At the conclusion of your visit, Dr O’Connor or Dr Gibson will discuss your diagnosis, plan for further investigation if required and treatment plan. He or she will correspond the same information to your GP.

Download New Patient Questionnaire

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